Boost Your Chances of Getting Laid Quickly: Diversify!

Getting laid online is now pretty easy. This is especially the case with the dating guide. We are able to offer you information and tips that we have used ourselves to help you get tangible results. You have already read about how to avoid getting scammed online. If you haven’t already, it is probably a good idea that you do before proceeding. With that out of the way, getting laid online unfortunately is not as simple as signing up to an adult dating website. Like everything else in the world, you will need to put in some work. We have the perfect strategy to help you get laid within the first three months of online sex dating. You want to see results as soon as possible and get your money’s worth. This is where you need to use the diversification strategy. We will expound further on this.

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Use multiple dating websites

The diversification strategy is quite simple. It is exactly as it sounds. The idea is to expand your portfolio. This therefore means using multiple dating sites at the same time. You should not put all your eggs in one basket. The same applies with the diversification strategy. You should spread your net as wide as possible to catch as much fish in the sea as you can. You are a single guy that wants to start having sex. You can only do this by putting yourself out there and talking to women.

Talk to multiple women

Another aspect of the diversification strategy is to talk to as many women as possible. You improve your chances of getting laid, and getting laid quickly by talking to as many women as possible. There are a lot of things out there waiting for the chance to meet a guy for casual sex. This of course will not work if you do not get out there and start talking to women. a good idea is to send three to five emails every day to different women. Since this is a numbers game, you are more likely to make a favorable score by talking to a lot of women. Don’t be shy, with time; talking to women will get much easier. If you are talking to multiple women at the same time, it might be ideal to note down who you are talking to. If you get them mixed up, you will have a lower chance of actually getting laid.

Why the diversification strategy works

There is a pretty simple reason as to why the diversification strategy works. Women generally will not use multiple dating sites at the same time. They don’t have as hard a time as the average guy on sex personals websites. This means therefore that they will be quite comfortable in using only one site. in your case however, you are facing stiff competition. This means that you will need to talk to more women to have the same chance of getting laid. The point here is that you should not be afraid to use multiple sites. You are looking at an entirely new pool of women. You cannot expect to find the same women on another website once you start talking. If you are on two dating sites therefore, you have doubled the number of women you have access to. If you use three, you have trebled your numbers. You get the idea. With this strategy, getting laid should be a breeze.

Don’t be afraid to pay for what you want

You may be a little scared in using multiple dating sites because you think it is going to be expensive. The truth is that the alternative is much more expensive. Think about all the dinners, drinks, outings, new outfits and everything that goes with getting laid. On the internet however, you have bypassed all this so you know meeting up is about sealing the deal. For all you care, you can wear the same outfit for every meeting with a different girl. Ultimately, it will be much cheaper for you to get laid online than the alternative. If you are not having sex in Canada, it is your own fault. You need to simply get out there and start finding women. There are plenty of chances for you to get laid. Sex personals websites for Canadians are filled with eligible singles looking for one-night-stands and even regular sex. Diversify, talk to many different women and follow our tips that you will find here and you should do perfectly fine in getting laid in Canada.

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