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On 6 January 2015
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We loved Xpress. This site is really good to hook up with Canadian Women

´╗┐If you want the best website for finding casual dates in Canada, Eroticads.com should be your first choice. Xpress.com however comes a close second and is a site where we had a great time overall. We were able to meet many women and hook-up with them which make this site particularly good. As you will see as you read on, xpress.com is an extremely great place to meet single women in Canada. There are many reasons as to why we recommend this site for Canadian sex dating. The first reason is obviously for the women. There are some really good looking women here so you are sure that you won’t be sleeping with just any old slag. We also found that these women are also very vulnerable. They are either recently single or divorced which is perfect for you. They aren’t looking for a relationship. They simply want to feel good, or better, get back at their exes. Whatever the reason, you will be the one winning. You will see for yourself how easy it is to get these women on the internet.

tests on Xpress.com Canada

The Results That We Found on Xpress.com: Why it is #2

Just like we did with eroticads.com, we spent a total of four months on the site. We made it a point to send one email to different women every day. This is of course the best way to meet women and you will discover this if you have read our guide. We were surely relived that we had finally found a site like xpress.com. We had spent endless hours on fake casual dating websites which we have also reviewed without getting any results. As you can see below, the results pretty much summarize our experience on xpress.com.

  • No of sent emails: 120
  • No of received replies: 89
  • Dates set up: 21
  • Dates showed up: 20
  • Deals closed: 12

As you can see, we got a lot more than the 50% reply rate that we usually look for in a sex dating website. This was instant good news, and things were to get better. We were able to go on multiple dates in the four months that we spent on xpress.com. The dates weren’t all that bad, but the best part was the different women that we got to sleep with. These were also all hot women as we were very picky. We are very confident that if you follow our guide, you are going to do even better than we did.

Xpress.com sex site Xpress.com is a really good site to get laid on. We rated it number 2. Click on the link to visit and try Xpress

What Worked Best for Xpress.com: The Best Tips For Maximum Success on Xpress.com

Like any other site for Canadian sex dating, there are particular strategies and tips that you can expect will work great on Xpress.com. We tried out a lot of different things and took note of what seemed to work especially well on the site. If you use these pointers, you are bound to succeed and you will thank us for it. You first need to be very aggressive on xpress.com. This doesn’t mean that you should be a creep or the macho man. This simply means that you don’t dilly dally with girls on the site. There is a lot of competition here. If you are talking to a girl, you can be sure that there are about a hundred other guys trying to get in her pants. As soon as you see she is responding to you, ask her out. Do not waste time or you will lose out big time. These women are also attracted to bad boys. These women have probably been through a lot from dating exactly these kinds of guys. If you know anything about women, then you know that they are not exactly the best at choosing guys. The best part is that they are not looking for someone to date but only a guy to sleep with. a bad boy attitude will get you far on this site. Don’t go overboard but don’t be the nice guy either and you are going to do very well.

Xpress.com Overall Review: What We Could Have Changed About Xpress.com

Of course xpress.com isn’t perfect. We have very high standards. Some of the things that we might mention here might not even sound like such a big deal to you. Still, we have to be honest about our reviews. We encountered both good things and bad, so it is only fair that we tell you everything. The customer support wasn’t the best that we have ever encountered. We had a simple question about billing that took forever to be answered. Even when we finally got an answer, the response wasn’t the most polite in the world. We hope that the site will take care of this problem as to be honest, the overall service is great. Maybe the guys at support were having an off day. Secondly, you will have to really work to get these women. This is why we are talking about being aggressive. Most of the guys on here do not know the first thing about sex dating. They are crude and complete assholes to say the least. This therefore means that the girls generally think that all the guys are like that. It will take you a little while to gain their trust and actually prove that you are a stand-up guy.

Xpress.com Review Conclusion

Xpress.com is one of the best sites that you are going to encounter if you are interested in Canadian sex dating. We had a great time on the site and we have the results right here for you as proof. The women were good looking and actually fun to talk to. Even where we did not score with the women, they were still a lot of fun on the dates that we went for so it wasn’t a total loss. You only need to remember to use our dating guide for the best chance of success. If there is anywhere on the internet that you could ever hope to get laid, xpress.com is probably the place. Also use this site in combination with Eroticads.com or NoStringsAttached.com or even all three. This will help you get laid in the shortest time possible. It really isn’t that expensive especially considering that these services are real value for money. You will be paying a subscription but expecting results. When all is said and done, we give xpress.com serious thumbs up, and we are confident that you will to once you use the site.

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