Dating Reviews is a lot like that cocktail someone at the pub hands you. You know it is going to be crap, but you try it anyway. We had our reservations about the site to begin with. We had however read some online dating reviews about and seen some good things. We therefore assumed that […] Read more

If you are thinking about signing up for, let us stop you right there. You are not going to get laid on this site. There is a slight chance you will get laid however. There are obese, desperate women trolling for sex here. There are also hookers with great profiles offering their goods for […] Read more

We spent four months on and honestly we still get nightmares about it. It was hell on earth to be honest, so it is better that we tell you right from the get go. If you think that we are being dramatic then by all means try it for yourself. Even you will be […] Read more

There are sometimes that you are deeply disappointed in something that you just want to give up. This pretty much sums up our experience on This is one of those sites that fit the expression “the bad apple that spoils the bunch”. If we did not know what we know about Canadian sex dating, […] Read more is one of those sites that claim to do everything. There is a saying that may sound familiar in relation to The saying here is “Jack of all trades but master of none”. This pretty much describes what is all about. You have to be absolutely careful with sites such as these. […] Read more is yet another one of the dating sites that we tried and tested. We always use the same methods, so was no different. As we mentioned in the guide, you want to shoot for a 50% response rate. If you are getting a lower response rate than this, then you know the website […] Read more

Our experience on was probably one of the worst that we have had on a Canadian casual dating website. There are a lot of things that you need to keep in mind when choosing a website for meeting Canadian singles for sex. One of those things is getting responses for women. you want to […] Read more

We always do our best to be very objective in our reviews. If you know about our background, then you know we have figured out the best tricks and tips for Canada casual dating. All this information is on our casual dating guide that you should take advantage of; it is free. With that said, […] Read more is supposed to be a Canadian sex dating website. Ideally, this is where you should easily be able to find singles for casual hook-ups. The problem however is that we do not live in an ideal world. This site we found to be completely useless and not worth our time. Reading this review will […] Read more

We have had mixed reviews about We read the reviews and we were confused. There are guys out there that will swear by it. There are also others that will tell you it is the worst website that they have ever been on. The fact however is that we can only base our review […] Read more