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On 6 January 2015
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xDating is HORRIBLE! Don't spend your money on this crap! is supposed to be a Canadian sex dating website. Ideally, this is where you should easily be able to find singles for casual hook-ups. The problem however is that we do not live in an ideal world. This site we found to be completely useless and not worth our time. Reading this review will give you a better idea of why we think that this site is a scam. We take our time to get on these dating websites for your benefit. Through our experiences, we can be able to help you find out which sites will work best for you. It is therefore very important that you pay attention to the advice that we have to offer. If you do not pay attention, you are going to get burned. We had an overall bad experience on as you are going to see for yourself.

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What to Expect from

It is extremely easy to set up a profile on but this is not exactly a good thing. You are not obliged to write up your profile information, interests or even post pictures. If you have read our dating guide, you know that these are the hallmarks of a serious online dater, whether for casual sex or otherwise. It only takes a few seconds therefore to sign up and see supposed matches which will appear on the left hand side of the screen. What is curious however is how they match you up with other members. We did not put up any information or pictures so we were quite curious to know what criteria was used to match us up with ‘potential’ singles on sex site Don’t try xDating. Subscribing on this dating site was a BIG MISTAKE.. You should read our reviews of sex dating sites before paying for a membership

Why is a Scam

There are plenty of things that we saw on that had us convinced that this is a scam sex dating website. For one, you do not have to validate your profile. This means that there is no way of telling who is a real user and who is there to scam others or take advantage of you in any other way. Non-paid members can also view who is on the site. We have already gone through the potential scammers that are on here. If you have paid for the service, there is really no telling who is looking at your profile. If you have any personal information on here (which we strongly advice that you never put up on a site like this) other members can have access to this information including your pictures. This can easily be used for unscrupulous purposes down the line. Simply put, you are really not safe on this site. Conclusion

The conclusion here is that is really not a site that you should consider if you are into Canadian sex dating. You can only get scammed on here or worse. We would also not advice that you meet up with anyone that you find on the site. Although there is no real chance of finding a genuine date on, there is no telling what could happen. Overall, read our positive reviews and use those sites. for example is a great site that you should consider. It is also a good idea to use two or more of the genuine sex dating sites for maximum impact. As a parting shot, forget about There is really nothing for you here.

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