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On 6 January 2015
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EstablishedMen was a good website. Getting laid with younger women was pretty easy. You should try it.

We have reviewed the #1 website for sex dating in Canada which in this case is comes a close second. If you haven’t read these reviews yet, you might want to backtrack before proceeding. The third website for sex dating in Canada according to our experience is We like to insist that we rate these websites according to our own personal experience. There is no saying what might happen when you actually sign up to these websites. may work better for you than for example. Either way, our findings on this site were great and we can share with you our own experiences.

tests on Canada

We found to be particularly great for people that are looking for affairs in Canada. This site is very discreet meaning that you don’t really have to worry about getting caught cheating. Whether you are simply looking for a single woman in Canada for casual sex, or want to cheat (no one is judging) this is the place to be. You will find this site to be particularly useful for your purposes.

The Results that we found on Why it is #3

There is good reason why with think that is legitimate. This is because we were actually able to get results. Looking at the numbers of emails we sent, the replies and overall success rates at finding dates and sleeping with women, we genuinely feel that this is a great site to be on. Below are the results that we got from this great sex dating site.

  • No of sent emails: 120
  • No of received replies: 87
  • Dates set up: 19
  • Dates showed up: 18
  • Deals closed: 11

As you can see for the numbers, we were able to get well past the 50% reply rate that we usually hope for. This therefore means that you have a very good chance of getting laid on this site. For casual sex partners, is bound to give you the same type of results that we enjoyed. The women here completely understand that you are only in it for the sex. You can therefore not expect any drama. You know what you want; they too know what they want so you are all going to have a great old time together. sex site is a really good site to get laid on. We rated it number 3. Click on the link to visit and try EstablishedMen

What Worked Best for The Best Tips for Maximum Success on

There are specific tips that we found worked the best on Overall, we had a wonderful experience that we would hope for everyone. We insist that there are certain tricks that may work on this website that may not work as well for others. Rather than simply using all the tips that we have for you on the dating guide, it is usually a better idea to know beforehand what works and what doesn’t work on specific sites. One of the best tactics for success in this case is to pay attention to your dating profile. You need to make sure that it is completely filled out if you want to have a good chance of getting laid. A dating profile that is not entirely filled out usually indicates that you are not serious about finding Canadian singles on The more of your profile you fill out, the better chance of success you actually have at getting laid on this site. Something else that you need to pay special attention to on is the photos that you upload. You need to ensure that these photos bring out the best side of you. Photos that clearly show your face and at least one shot of your full body will get you good results. By all means avoid having nude photos or photos of your penis. As we have mentioned on our dating guide time and time again, these photos will do nothing for you. They are not going to help you get laid in any case. Overall Review: What We Could Have Changed About

Although we had an all around great experience on, it is worth mentioning that there are a few things that did not necessarily tickle our fancy. It is important that we are fair and mention these things for the purpose of being objective. One problem that we encountered on the site is with the free profile. There is a chance to have a free account on This account is however useless. We tried it and it was not until we actually paid for a subscription that we began to see results. When all is said and done however, we understand that nothing that is worth having in life comes for free. We have mentioned this in our guide so after getting over the initial disappointment, we can understand where the creators of the site are coming from. Some of the options also seemed too much for us. Features such as photo and video galleries make the site look a little too much like Facebook. Although it is great to see sexy women, we feel that it can distract you from your main goal. After all, this is a sex dating site and not Facebook. Either way, this is a feature that you might like; it’s just that it did not appeal to us particularly. Review Conclusion

The conclusion on is quite simple. Despite the little things that we did not like (which is normal since we are so picky) this is a site that you want to be on. There is a mind boggling number of Canadian singles looking for a sex partner on this site and others that we have reviewed favorably. You only need to make sure that you are active and constantly talking to women. Signing up to more than one of these sex dating sites will also pay off in the end. When all is said and done, we got what we had come here for; which is to get laid. We insist that you thoroughly read our dating guide before you attempt to pull women from sex dating sites. This will seriously improve your chances of getting laid and finally get you hot women to sleep with. Being single is no excuse to miss out on sex. With and the other top three sites that we have reviewed, your dry-spell will surely be over before you know it.

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