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On 6 January 2015
Last modified:26 January 2023


GoCougar is HORRIBLE! Don't spend your money on this crap!

We have had mixed reviews about GoCougar.com. We read the reviews and we were confused. There are guys out there that will swear by it. There are also others that will tell you it is the worst website that they have ever been on. The fact however is that we can only base our review on what we found. We know all the tips and tricks there are to know about Canadian sex dating. It could be that we were just unlucky, or that this website is a scam. Whatever the case, we did not get any results so as far as we are concerned; GoCougar.com is not worth spending time or money on. We do our best to honestly review our sites without bias. Read on to find out why we think GoCougar.com is not worth it.

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What to Expect from GoCougar.com

To be completely honest, this is not the worst website that we have ever been on. All the same, we did not get the results that we hoped for, so you have to take what we say with a grain of salt. The site is pretty well built we will give them up. It is supposedly a site where you can go to meet older women for casual sex. With that said, we did find a few real profiles on here. the women at first sounded like they wanted to meet up, but it did not happen at the end of the day. These women were a complete waste of time and most probably attention seekers. Like we have said before, we know everything there is to know about Canadian sex dating. The fact that we did not score on GoCougar.com means that there is something seriously wrong with this site.

GoCougar.com sex site Don’t try GoCougar. Subscribing on this dating site was a BIG MISTAKE.. You should read our reviews of sex dating sites before paying for a membership

Why GoCougar.com is a Scam

One of the major problems that we had on this site is knowing who is actually interested in casual sex. As we have mentioned previously, we met three women that at first seemed interested in us. They dropped off the face of the earth once we suggested that we actually meet up for a date. This shows that the women on GoCougar.com (the few real ones that there are) are actually attention whores with no intention of having sex with a strangers. It seems that these are probable bored housewives looking to add a little spice to their lives.There were also tons of fake profiles on here. We insist on our dating guide that you should beware of any site that has a big number of fake profiles. It usually means that you can easily get scammed which is something that we are very serious about.

GoCougar.com Conclusion

Overall, GoCougar.com is not a website we would advice that you join. You will waste your time even if you are lucky enough to find a few real women on here. There is a lot that you need to pay attention to when casual dating in Canada. Sites such as Xpress.com are great for the simple reason that you know that you are going to get laid. Use this site in combination with the other two that we have suggested on our positive reviews. Also be sure to read the dating guide to ensure that you are on the right track. All in all, we did not have any success on GoCougar.com despite trying all our best tactics so we know that this is not the right site for you.

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