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On 6 January 2015
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JustHookup is HORRIBLE! Don't spend your money on this crap!

There are sometimes that you are deeply disappointed in something that you just want to give up. This pretty much sums up our experience on This is one of those sites that fit the expression “the bad apple that spoils the bunch”. If we did not know what we know about Canadian sex dating, we would have given up on online dating entirely based on our experience on It is a good thing that we were sure that there are other great websites waiting for us to try. These are of course the top three that you will see on our positive reviews. There is a lesson to be learned here. There are scams dating websites out there masquerading as legitimate casual dating sites. You should be extremely careful about the websites that you choose otherwise you will be just as disappointed as we were.

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What to Expect from

One of the things that will strike you about is how unresponsive the women here are. You will get little or no replies to your emails. This is despite the fact that you have read our dating guide and learned how to craft the perfect first emails. We used the very same emails that worked on other sites on but we got no positive responses. In short, you need to use a legitimate site for the tips on our dating guide to have any kind of positive impact. You can also expect not to set up any dates. This is exactly what we experienced on the site. We were not able to find women that were actually ready and willing to go on dates. In fact, we fell short of going on even one single measly coffee date which makes the whole thing a total scam. sex site Don’t try JustHookup. Subscribing on this dating site was a BIG MISTAKE.. You should read our reviews of sex dating sites before paying for a membership

Why Is a Scam

There is a simple reason that is a scam in our opinion. We tried every single thing that we could think of to pull women from the site but nothing seemed to work. It seems that there is really nothing that you can do to succeed here. We tried everything that we have previously tried and found success but still came up with nothing. In addition to this, we were also curious about the number of real women on this site. From what we suspect and saw for ourselves, there really aren’t that many real profiles on We got only a handful of replies and from our experience, we could quickly tell that these were canned messages or robot generated messages. All in all, there is nothing much to expect from in terms of getting casual dating partners. Conclusion is one of those sites that you should be extremely careful about joining. To your credit, you are reading our dating guide so you will come out of this with great information about which sites you should be joining and those you should be keeping clear from. We have reviewed some extremely great sites such as and other such sites so you know this will work for you. Ignore and move on otherwise you will end up losing out big time. This is not a site that you want any part of.

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