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On 6 January 2015
Last modified:26 January 2023


Lavalife is HORRIBLE! Don't spend your money on this crap! is one of those sites that claim to do everything. There is a saying that may sound familiar in relation to The saying here is “Jack of all trades but master of none”. This pretty much describes what is all about. You have to be absolutely careful with sites such as these. claims to be home to everyone that wants everything. Whether you are looking for friendship, casual sex, serious relationship, same-sex relationship; you can apparently find it all on this site. Our experience however was completely different from what the site claims to be. At first, we thought that we might have landed another great site to add to our top Canadian dating sites. Our bubble was however quickly burst as we realized that there is no such luck here.

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What to Expect from

Like many of the sites in our negative review pages, there is really isn’t much to expect from In fact, we think that this is a scam and we have good reason for this. There is no way to explain why we were not getting responses despite the fact that we crafted the perfect first emails. On any of the top three sites, we would have had major success. On this site however, we really did not get anything worth writing home about. Our quota for 50% response rate was nowhere near met. We have more complaints as you will discover by reading on. Despite sending messages to women every day that we were on the site, we only managed a measly 15 responses. This is after spending 4 months on the site and sending an email on each day during that time period. To be honest, don’t expect a positive reply on sex site Don’t try Lavalife. Subscribing on this dating site was a BIG MISTAKE.. You should read our reviews of sex dating sites before paying for a membership

Why is a Scam

We have used tones of Canadian sex dating websites to spot a scam when we see one. In the case of, this was easy to do. For one, we were getting messages for perfect 10s wanting to hook up. If you have read the dating guide, you know that there is absolutely no way you are going to find these types of women on casual dating websites, even the legitimate ones. The curious thing was that these women were contacting us even before we got down to completing our profile. These are of course obviously fake profiles and messages that are computer generated. The customer support is another reason why we think that this particular site is simple here to make money (read take your money). We were unable to terminate our membership besides continuously contacting support. We continued getting charged for services that we were no longer interested in until we threatened legal action. We had already lost a sizeable chunk of money by then and had not really gotten anything to make the experience worthwhile. Conclusion

All in all, is a money making machine for the creators. For the users on the other hand, this site is nothing more than a nightmare. You have been warned from early on, is not a website that you want to be joining for whatever reason. Refer to our positive review pages to find out which sites you should use instead so as to get the best chance at success with casual dating in Canada.

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