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On 6 January 2015
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CasualDates is HORRIBLE! Don't spend your money on this crap!

´╗┐Our experience on was probably one of the worst that we have had on a Canadian casual dating website. There are a lot of things that you need to keep in mind when choosing a website for meeting Canadian singles for sex. One of those things is getting responses for women. you want to get some kind of reward for your efforts. Even when you don’t get a response from a woman, at least you tried. But when the response rate doesn’t make sense, then there is a big problem. We usually say any more than 50% of replies to your emails are a good score. On, our response rate was at 8%. What we are pretty much saying here is that we wasted a lot of time talking to women that weren’t interested in replying. It’s not because we were douche bags, or don’t know how to work a casual dating site. Read on to find some clues as to why we failed so miserably on this site.

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What to Expect From

There isn’t really a lot that you should expect from In the end, you will be disappointed. We will tell you about some of the trouble we had on here, and what we noticed so you know exactly what you are going to get should you decide to get on The women here (at least the few genuine ones that we actually found) were ugly. I know it is not a nice thing to say, but we have to be honest, these aren’t women you want to hook up with even on a desperate night drunk off your ass. The other types of women you can expect here include plenty of fake profiles and even more hookers. It is therefore easy to see that you don’t have much to work with on this site. sex site Don’t try CasualDates. Subscribing on this dating site was a BIG MISTAKE.. You should read our reviews of sex dating sites before paying for a membership

Why is a Scam

We have very little doubt that is a fake dating website. We found a couple of women whose stories did not add up. At first, these women claimed to be married but looking for a fuck buddy. The story soon changed to single, lonely but looking for a regular fuck. This is pretty much what you are going to encounter on this site. You will find women that will either waste your time, or are such liars that they cannot keep track of their stories. We suspect that these girls were scammers but were working on so many marks at the same time that it was difficult to get their story straight. Did we also mention the hookers on the site? Conclusion

All in all, is really not a site that you want anything to do with. You should take your time to find a good casual sex website such as if you want to be successful at sex dating. This site ( was filled with hookers. You can get hookers any time you want so you don’t want to waste your time on the internet talking to one. What you need is a genuine hot woman that wants to get laid. If you read our positive reviews, you will know exactly where to get these women. Otherwise you will simply be wasting your precious time. Save yourself the agony and actually read our dating guide. Here, you will be able to find the sites that will best work for what you intend to get, which is this case is casual sex in Canada.

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